The Covid Age is a film and art project devised by North East filmmaker Danielle Giddins, and supported by Newcastle City Council Arts Development team, Newcastle Public Health Team, Newcastle University, and the UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA).

Although the project started with a focus on ageing, we realised that to create a true snapshot of the tremendously varied experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic, we needed to broaden our themes. As a result, stories of health, community, and the tenacity of our city, as well as ageing, can be seen in the body of work.

Danielle set out to make 4 films scripted collaboratively with the public and communities around the city to ensure they were representative of lived experience during the pandemic.

We used a combination of research and development, from doorstep interviews, drama sessions, writing activities, zine making, art workshops and more – this variety was to ensure accessibility, but also for us to have fun, provide an opportunity to get creative, and bring some lightness to what could be tremendously distressing and emotional conversations.

The hope for the work is to encapsulate some of the experiences of real people during this unique and difficult period of time. This website, as well as housing the films and artwork, is a time-capsule of sorts; it is a living archive we hope residents of Newcastle upon Tyne will continue to engage with and submit stories and images to. We also hope to learn from these experiences, and use them to improve services and research for public good.

You can find out more about the work of Newcastle University, Newcastle Council and other organisations in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic on the Resources page.